Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Your Nursery Style~

The style you choose for your nursery doesn’t have to match your home décor. I’ve designed many nurseries that were in complete contrast with the rest of the home. One customer had a bold, tiger print living room with black leather sofas. We designed for her baby girl a soft, pink, ballerina room.
Your nursery might be super-traditional while your home decor is crisp and modern. Or you could go with bold, primary colors in a house painted in muted tones.
You can eat dinner in many different ways: at a black tie affair, by romantic candlelight, at a beach barbecue or at a picnic in the park. No matter the venue, the food ends up in your stomach. Your baby’s room is the same – it can be celebrated in an infinite number of formats, all with the same purpose of creating a loving environment for your little wonder.
We’ll discuss these infinite formats as time goes on. And please, email me your thoughts and questions to so I can share them with readers and help you along.
Just remember to take pictures before, during and after design to keep in your baby’s scrapbook. You’ll love to reflect in years to come.

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