Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ivory "black tie" silk round crib bedding. one of a kind for the last time~

we designed this set for an "art for kids" silver round crib for a trade show last year.
we are offering this royal set, to a Lucky customer. we will not be reproducing this set. the fabric usage in this set is obscene~ the amount of silk fabric we needed is just too scary to think of. plus the cost of the silk went up 57% since last year so we are looking into finding a great room that just need the classy touch of this ivory round crib bedding with lavish dust ruffle and pure silk all around.the only place its not 100% silk its the sheet as it must be washable ~

i know you are out there. the person who is serching for the "black tie" nava's designs ,one of a kind look for their upcoming baby's room~

e mail us for a qoute 4 pieces plus a pillow.

hugs and kisses

nava writz

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gaga Macchiato~ Such a Classy Set~ Ivory With Touch Of Moca~

I guess My "gaga"'s are always coming back for more...smiling ~this one is touching coffee colors and we love it~

Saturday, August 13, 2011

whisper set as a table top decor~ In venice Italy~

In the pass summer we been to Venice, Italy. what can i say beauty in its
full circle of life. yet i loved looking at windows styling as its so Italian so
chic. so i get inspired. but not always as at times i look at colors as in this
image. its a table tops and home decor store and
seeing the table top decor
made me smile as the are some colors and style was used by nava’s designs
for our best seller : the whisper set~
just go to show you: home style and
baby bedding can be such inspiration for each other.

love Italy~

the bellini shoot of whisper~

Venice Italy~ what a place for baby bedding inspiration~

Friday, August 12, 2011

The colors of 2012

one of the reasons i travel is colors. i am in love with colors. and color palate.
i just got back from a few weeks of many colors to pick from and i will share a few of the images. what will i do with all the colors is another story to be told soon.

happy to be back.