Monday, August 30, 2010

Bellini Scarsdale New York ~

Ok now we are talking ..... history Irv Freedberg is the one who started it all, with his brother Barry of whom I am not sure I will have a picture of anytime soon.... smiling~
but it's fun to know each other for many years and to smile and fight and we fight as if something is wrong with us ~ smiling

Brian is my Bellini guy for many many years~ love him~

I love that picture of Robyn and her daughter Lauren Sweet girl!

Robyn and Myself we are going back a long long time ago~ we keep the love~

Love to visit my stores Bellini Scarsdale is one of my "oldies". I have started selling Bellini Scarsdale , when they opened back in 1989. It's such an amazing journey we have taken together ~ my wish for us to keep on for many more years to come

On the Bellini floor, at Scarsdale Ny

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Petite Pram Cedarhurst New York

Back in 1986 my first Nava's Designs set in the New York area was sold on the floor of Bellini Cedarhurst. At the time Nava's Designs was a new start up and I was a fresh designer. They = The mom to be and the Grandma's to be kept buying my sets. I know now how lucky I was then, to be able to just display new bedding sets and get them sold as fast as I can make them. I got into my spot in the market back then from the need to make more and more sets. All my stars were in great alignment ~ Thanks to all my Store Girls for the looove~

Today I am still selling in Cedarhurst, to my friend Bracha who owns Petite Pram she is a young lady with 4 kids her 4th son is only six months (Nava's Designs Baby) and he is with her at the store and she feeds him and when I say feed him I don't mean from the bottle. Bless her heart~ she is funny~
So she is a Mother, a Wife ,a Store Owner, PR queen ,Sharp Sales person and knows everyone and his brother~ loved watching her work at the store ! She keeps the store filled with new lines ,new stroller, crib, high chairs and for sure new Nava's Designs bedding ~ she is a real Nava's Designs store~
So, today we had two grandmas to be with moms to be and they got Nava's Designs Whisper set~ same as in the old days~ but nowadays I am a friend of the mom to be on Facebook~
Sara and Asher who help Bracha at the store were so nice to me. Thanks for the visit I loved it!

my new Boyfriend David~ Is he cute ? He Is!


Now we are friends on Facebook how cool Is It? we live In great Times 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Nava's Room Yet I dont recall who sent it to me~

I can not believe it, I love the image I just found on my pc but I don't recall who sent it to me maybe you know who it is? smiling~

Pillow Bunny and Pillow Bear~

Its so cute our new Bunny pillow, silly kind of cute but cute~ please please tell me what you think?
we will have the Bear Pillow soon~

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I needed to write a post for Bellini Buzz i wrote it my way~

I know I need to Blog of what I am designing today and believe me I am designing today , but I really want to take the time to reflect on my first and only job ever in the USA, as a "Bellini Girl" the girls , in today terms the "Bellini ladies"~ you see, I came to the USA with a dream to "make it" all the way from Israel so I can become the images of the TV shows I was watching at a time as a kid, the power of TV who says TV is bad for you? Not for me! It was great the "juice" that drove me to move to the USA, with a dream started as a sale person with a lot of pride as I was so thankful for the job at the time ~ I moved up to store manager, designing, helping with colors and shape of furniture. I then began to help with opening of more and more Bellini stores across the United States, the time was so right and what a great idea it was, and still is!

The Bedding part was such a fun part of what I was doing and I need to thank one lady, who came in with a pillow that she needed to match bedding for. I went after work to look for fabrics for her, called around to my Israeli friends, and found a lady who could sew for us. At the time the colors were gray and peach. The furniture that Bellini was featuring was gray and white. Wow!! What a set it was!! We called it "Gray Tulip" what a silly name ~smiling ~ but it was a hit and since then I have found my calling….. Nava’s Designs… My love for fabrics, trims colors and "new messages" was my drive~ The early days of Bellini ~27 years ago was about the concept to give mothers-to-be the best of the best in shopping for their baby in one stop ~ I think with all the changes that have occurred in the baby industry in the past 27 years Bellini and Nava’s Designs continue on with our heads held high since I started with them in the 1980’s. There I am so happy to have my Bellini history and to be a customer bedding designer who was "born" at Bellini. When you have good people around you, good things happen, good ideas develop and memories are forever ~ now I am going to design a Gray and white set ~yes everything come back full circle if you give it enough time~smiling