Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nava's Designs Shoot~

Whisper Sage

Whisper Knight~

Twisty Boy~

Whisper Whisper Such a lovely Image of Ivory story~

Audriana The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Baby's Room

Earthly Angels

Twisty Girl

Twisty Mint~

Monday, January 25, 2010

Love it when My end users become my friends on facebook welcome Julie Sanders~

Last week I got a lovely email from Julie Sanders, a Nava's Designs end user who purchased a Nava's Designs set named "Splendid" at Bellini Richmond, VA, which is no longer in business. She wanted to buy window treatments and she emailed me images of her baby room ~lovely part of getting ready for your baby is getting the baby's room all done and I am so lucky to be part of my end users experiences as they are getting ready for the biggest change in there lives! I have answered and gave her my number to call ~ she called and we talked , I offered her window treatments and while on the phone we became friendly I have asked her if she is on Facebook and yes she is and now we are friends~ so if you are on Facebook ask to be my friend I love it~

Julie's baby room so cute~ wait till you see the final image~

Friday, January 22, 2010

So the shoot is Done!! "it is a wrap" the real pictures will follow~

This is "Twisty Boy" in my Living Room only to give way to "Whisper Whisper" set
in the same loaction which I hope you will not "feel" as the same room~

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nava's Designs Shoot at Nava's home ~

for me, being the Nava of Nava's Designs means that my office and my home are the same thing I can shoot at my house as its the best place for me to be me even if the house looks so much different that every day,I still feel the best when I shoot in my home always did and i guess i will always will~ so tomorrow will be my day of shooting 6-8 cribs sets and it will be fun and I will post the outcome I promise~

This is my wall before~

Tomorrow I will share a better Image~