Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jennifer Nicole Goodman-Corke Talking about Nava's Designs

Pregnant with our first child in 2004, my husband and I were extremely excited to begin designing our son's nursery. We lived in NYC at the time and every weekend we would go to boutiques as well as a few larger stores searching for the perfect bedding for our baby to be. What we knew for certain was that we wanted the very best we could offer our precious baby.

We were fortunate to stumble across a beautiful bedding set, Leonardo. The moment we saw this set we knew it was the one! Full of color, details and design creativity unlike any bedding we had seen and by that point we had searched high and low. Being that the quality and materials of a product, especially for our priceless baby, are of utmost importance to us, we inquired about Nava and her. We learned she was a most respected designer whose genuine passion for what she does was poured into all that she did. All of her items are carefully handmade in the USA with the finest fabrics and utmost attention to detail. Most often each item is made upon order, but we were fortunate to be able to take home Leonardo the same day as it had just arrived for show and I was too excited to wait! We were so proud to show our little man his nursery when he was born. In fact, my husband proudly carried him into his nursery to show him around his new digs! Nava custom made a matching toy bag and Humpty Dumpty doll to go along with his bedding several weeks later!

We have since had a second baby in 2007 and without hesitation ordered our daughter's bedding from Nava too! She slumbers in her beautiful Dragonfly Girl bedding.

Nava's eye for design and style in conjunction with her thoughts of your precious little one's safety in mind are very much appreciated. Although it all looks too delicate and too gorgeous to touch, it is truly kid tough! Both of our children had acid reflux, requiring us to have their bumpers green dry-cleaned several times. It thrills me to know that both of my children will have such precious heirlooms to pass along to their little ones if they so choose!

Nava's Designs by Nava Writz is a sincerely beautiful and unique collection! Nava herself, is a gem.

Enjoy your new addiction in ultimate baby, toddler, children's bedding!

In good health,

Jennifer Goodman-Corke

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Finnelly Family said...

This is the most accurate and beautifully inspired piece describing the treasure that Nava's work is. Sincerely, so fun to read!