Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Retirement is wonderful ~ if you have many places to go and many people to see as i do~

this is my art room,  i paint and i scrapbook too..in my home in california, which wil be empty in few days..or so i hope...

waking up yesterday at my home in Tarzana, was a bit strange. now is the time i have no longer a place to call  my workplace. or to call stores to say hi. my friends in the biz are just going to fade away. as life takes all of us to different spots.
i spoke to my friend Margo and she was so nice to me to cheer me up talking about the lights that i will shed in the future while it was locked within me for the past five years.
I  just called my nava's designs number, which i had for 27 years,  a recording answered, sending the callers to call .....my cell number. wow.
anyhow, my house here is sold and i will be moving away from california on may 22nd.
we will start cross country drive, via the north route to nyc.
we will stop at salt lake city to visit with jan and chicago to visit with danna, and julie. we will visit  my son and the sanocki's in michigan . can't wait 

my street in tarzana california my house was just sold!!!