Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My TLC Make Room for Multiples Family Kelly And Mike Duffy welcome their Triplets~

Well its done! The Triplets Arrived ,Nava's Designs rooms are fully dressed, The show will air next month !
So we are looking forward seeing Nava's Designs inc on TLC TV Show "Make Room The Rooms For Multiples'! The Duffy's Which Will Air In April~

looking Forward getting the images of the window treatments, so we can show off the rooms~

Ava Room , with nava's Designs Best Seller "Whisper" set, lite4u chandelier , Mattress by NaturaWorld , Art For Kids cribs & Furniture and little Castle Glider~ Thanks all of you with the your kind help ! We are going to Shine Togther on the Show I promise~

Thomas Sets for the boys~ We Will Get The Image of the 2 crib later~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

whisper latte

Nathan Bedding

This set is called Nathan~ we love it

Love being part of my friends celebrations! Thank you Bracha for sharing the images of your party~

Looking good Bracha!!

This is a Jewish celebration called the "Brieth" which Nava's Designs have made a Pillow just for the event which will be kept for years to come as family heirloom~
Mazal Tov David the son of Bracha my friend and the owner Petite Pram in Cederhurst, NY

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Designer Baby Bedding by Nava's Designs: Golden Whisper

Designer Baby Bedding by Nava's Designs: Golden Whisper

Golden Whisper

At Nava's Designs most of our great selling sets come in "Families" and the more "members" we can add , the better the "family" will sell. In our winner "Whisper's Family" the new arrival "Golden Whisper" will sure be the kind of regal look the black tie nursery will be made off~