Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Stores Visits~

This coming week I will start visiting my stores on a 14 day trip, all the way from New York City to Boca, Florida. Its during these times that I love my work the most, as only when I am in front of the people who buy my sets for their babies does it validate the reason I am in business for 22 years. Its the time that I am a part of their experience of 'getting ready for our baby" mood which I love so much.
Now with facebook, blogs, and e-mails, I am able to stay in touch with my customers, share pictures of the in store events with them via e-mail, and get to see the babies faces, rooms, and their family life as it evolves with their new edition.
In times as such, I know how happy I am that I don't design shirts or dresses...Smiling as baby bedding designing is my sheer pride and Joy~

In Store Visits
December 2008
Wednesday 3rd 2pm-4pm Bellini on Second Ave, NY
Call the store to make an appointment
212 517 9233
1305 Second Ave
Wednesday 3rd 5pm-7pm Planet Kids Manhattan, NY
Call the store to make an appointment
212 426 2040
247 East 86th Street
Friday 5th 3pm-7pm Baby Love, FL
Call the store to make an appointment
6931 NW 88th Avenue
Sunday 7th 3pm-5pm Bellini in Boca Raton, FL
Call the store to make an appointment
5050 Town Center Circle
Wednesday 10th 4pm-6pm Behrs in Seaford, NY
Call the store to make an appointment
516 541 2347
1220 Hicksville Road
Thursday 11th 11am-1pm Bellini in Huntington, NY
Call the store to make an appointment
516 Walt Whitman Road
Thursday 11th 3pm-5:30pm Bellini in Manhasset, NY
Call the store to make an appointment
1311 Northern Boulevard
Friday 12th 12pm-2pm Bellini in Staten Island, NY
Call the store to make an appointment
363 New Dorp Lane
Friday 12th 5pm-8pm Baby Gallery in Elizabeth, NJ
Call the store to make an appointment
10-12 Centre Street
Tuesday 16th 2pm-4pm Sukons in Ozone Park, NY
Call the store to make an appointment
135-21 Crossbay Blvd

Nava's Babies

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Nava's Designs Best Sellers ~Then and Now~

In the next few days I will upload as many best sellers Images ,that we can still make.

Latte Kisses~


Latte Sapphire~

Latte hugs~

Ladies and Gentlemans

Crown Jewel~



Dare To Wish~

Twisty Boy~

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dalia Hidayat talking about Nava's Designs..thank you Dear!

Happy Thanksgiving!
"I was expecting my first baby and wanted the perfect nursery. I had bought top of the line furniture and was really struggling with the linens - nothing seemed to be nice enough except for a few sets at Bellini that did not match but were absolutely stunning (which were Nava Designs).
I decided to google search Nava and stumbled across her website and decided to actually pick up the phone and call her company for direction. What a surprise that Nava herself picked up the phone and we chatted for over one hour!!!! I could not believe how lucky I was to talk to the designer herself.
I told her the furniture set I had purchased and she knew exactly which one it was and told me she had the perfect set for it that she had just came out with and not even the stores had seen it.
She sent me a swatch and it was the most perfect match. I ordered it without a flinch and bought a casual set for every day use which is still sitting in its plastic bag as it has not been used once. I cannot even imagine any other linens other than the one from Nava - and my son is now 18 months and has not soiled it once - even a baby knows the black tie linens and doesnt dare to make a mess on it.
I could not be more happy and in love with the nursery and am so happy to meet such a sweet and creative person as Nava."

Monday, November 24, 2008

Scottie Pippen Choice of Nava's Baby Bedding "Whisper" Thank Amy of Bellini Boca

I love it when a NBA Player as Scottie Pippen end up with a soft story set as This one...

Dreamy Blue Just as its sound!


Its all 100% silk set -all silk! what an Image! my friends at Poshtots have taken it1!
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Susan Bellini Manalapan Talking about Nava's Designs

"After being in this ever changing business for the past twenty three years, one thing remains constant - Nava's wonderful bedding sets. My customers have been continuously drawn to Nava's bedding sets over the years. They love the designs, as well as the quality. Nava's bedding makes them feel as though they have purchased something extraordinary for their prince or princess!"

Sunday, November 23, 2008



Jennifer Freedberg-Berkoff said...

My name is Jennifer Freedberg-Berkoff I opened the Bellini store in Paramus, NJ with my former husband David Freedberg in June of 1989. I was 20 years old when I started in the baby business. One of the first vendors I came in contact with was Nava's Designs. I met Nava as soon as I started in Bellini and fell in love with her linens from the first time I laid eyes on them. Our personalities clicked and we started designing linens together for my store. I remember sitting on the floor with fabric swatches spread all over the place and putting pieces together to form some of the most successful bedding sets ever created. I was truly in awe of how talented Nava was. As my business grew we did more and more sets together. Nava was our exclusive custom linen company. I remember designing the first black and white set back when you never put a baby in black. Somehow Nava tied it all together and the client was thrilled. The set truly came out beautiful. Nava is always on the cutting edge always the first to try new things. I believe she is one of the leaders in this industry. When I had my 3 children Nava made the most beautiful linens for my babies. My daughter Sydney was on the cover of her 1997 catolog and has had several sets named for her. In 2005 Sydney and Nava met to create a full size bedding set for her room which she still has on her bed today. She once again posed for her catolog on the exact bedding she has. The beauty of Nava's linens are that they are not only the finest quality fabrics and design but they are keepsakes. Something you would save as you would a christening gown. I am proud to have learned so much from Nava and have had the priviiladge of working with her for over 20 years. I would recommend her linens to any new mother.

Jennifer Solomon Berkoff will be writing for me soon!

Jennifer was a very young girl when she started the Bellini Parmus store NJ, back in the 80's, I vividly remember the first set we were due to deliver to her, yet at the time we were so new and so overwhelmed with orders and so little capacity, but she waited for it for ever the poor girl. 1000 sets later we designed many sets and her Baby girl was the star of my front cover catalog back in 1997 and now here she is on my best seller "love is in the air" twin set. We just celebrated Her girl's Bat-mizvha. I will be very interested to find out what will she be writing about from 20 years knowledge of Nava's designs, all her kids had my baby bedding & she her self had my bedding for her own. so lets wait and see....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It was fun Meeting Joan Lunden in Person few years after...

back in the 2002 I have designed the bedding for Joan Lunden first set of twins,
and now this Fall we met in a show. it was fun.

Donna Will be Talking about Nava's Designs

I have asked my long time Friend Donna, who has been my customer for 15 years to help me over here with the posts, Donna is a Bellini Short Hills lady and together we designed many many sets; so many of them were before there time, yet we always managed to make a smile a part of our relationship.
She will be helping me here with the blog as I am not a great writer...smiling.
Yet you will not need me for my writing ability, you need me for my love of baby bedding designing!
Looking forward to what donna has to say here. She is funny and smart!
love you baby!

Do you need help with your Baby's Room?

Hello! My name is Nava of Nava's Designs inc. in california. I have been in the baby industry since 1983 and still Loving it.
I love what I do and I love seeing the different types of style that my bedding fit in to.
Its amazing to watch a baby set that was a hit in the past, be forgotten in the present and i know it will come back in the future.
I would love to hear about your needs and wants for your upcoming baby's room and share the excitement of this wonderful experience in your life. If you are looking for unique motifs to match colorations of a specific pallete, just email me at your information, and we can set up time for consultation.
And remember In the screen of your life your baby will be a huge Icon!
Much Love

Missy & Todd Gornstein Just Got Their Nava's Designs Saphire Set!!

and look what he had to say:

"WOW WOW WOW we just received and are doing the final room design. Photos will be up soon. The set is heaven!! Tough to comment on absolute perfection"!!!

Missy And Todd are 2nd timer Nava's Designs Customers...The first Set was Ballerina for their Princess Girl...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Love Is In the air~

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The King & I what a Set!!!!

"The King And I" The Colors Are Ice Blue- Mint, Deep Gray and Ivory Sheer- The Picture Is Not As Clear As I Will like It To Be But Its Such A lovely look!!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Michelle Obama

Just found out that President Barack Obama’s wife Michelle bought Nava's Designs bedding for their first daughter ! The set name was “French Poem”. What a winner that turned out to be!
I will try to find the image and post it up on my upcoming blogs! Thanks for stopping by to read my "mambo jumbo"!

Amy Rose

Latte Hugs My Great Set For The Prince In Your Life

Crown Jewel

Romantic Valentina

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Toile Dance Twin

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