Sunday, April 6, 2014

Back to Los Angeles California

After living in this city for 32 years coming back as a tourist is kind of fun .
Seeing my son was the for sure the highlight for me . His girlfriend is cute and my girlfriends it was lovely dinner at our favorite Resturant ! Cafe Carolina . In encino . We are staying in Santa Monica right on the pier !







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Location:Pico Blvd,Santa Monica,United States

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rest in peace my friend Robyn of the Bellini family

I am so sad my friend Robyn of Bellini Scarsdale have passed away 52 years old a mother to Lauren which is my baby in my heart .
I wrote few lines to sent to Lauren .

from Israel , the land of our people ,the one you wanted to visit so much but were as happy to know your baby girl Lauren went there.
You were so proud of her she was your sun, your moon your everything . You were hoping to come with her one day to tel aviv what a pity you never did.
I write with sad heart and Heavy feelings my goodbye note to you .
We met 21 years ago at Bellini . you were the rock of the stores you intertwined with the baby industry and become part of the family. Mine too. I met your mother Iove your sweet Lauren . We designed sets and you named one of my favorite "rambling rose" many laughters ,jokes and even fights with love as the core. you will make fun of my English and you will call me shnavvahha you "pulled my leg " many times with Irwin which I called Ervin .My boys recall your sweet potato dish and your cooking. we had in your house for thanksgiving dinner .
our last call in June , you told me you concurred the battle and I believed you .you asked me to keep One whisper whisper bedding set for Lauren future baby . which I kept for you at my friend Kim home in long island .
I love your Lauren and I will keep her near my heart forever .
Rip my dear friend
I thank you for the memories and I will cherish our photos till the end of times .
Love you baby .
Your shnavvahha

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Location:חפץ חיים,Tel Aviv,Israel

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Amsterdam the city I will be visiting alot in my new life~

back in 1980 i was saying to a local friend that one day i will live in a canal house. i don't really know why i said so. i know i was inspired by the looks of the cozy multi story canals houses.
today is the time i live in one. Albert and my self moved into this house in 2003 and its 10 years that we come and go from here to other parts of the world. our life. always on the go.
since I retired from my work as the CEO of Nava's Designs I been traveling all over. so i feel  this is my time to share with you images of our city. Amsterdam.
its our house back yard...

no, i don't miss the baby you..

our living room

the canal in front of our house

Monday, October 7, 2013

La Jolla California love love this cute city

We are saying goodbye to California one spot at a time .

Out hotel back its like going back in time "villa Valencia " the pink lady 1926

Great style

The outdoor pool over looking the sea.

The spot for two -

Sleepless ? Not here !

Look At the colors !!

Wow !

Albert is walking ..

The bar inside

Such a cafe outdoor is my kind of a spot !

Location:I-5 N,San Diego,United States

Memory lane

I know it's sound childlike but I goggled myself .. Yes I did .
I wanted to find out more about me ..smiling
I was happy to find the YouTube clips . Of days gone by .. Smiling again .
Fox Good morning show  good morning america  las veags shows and silly stuff...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Small island in the north of Amsterdam -Texel

I am visiting a small island in the north of Amsterdam .
Love my new life .
Miss my babies . But not too much .. Smiling

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Good morning from tel aviv , Israel

A week ago I have made it to tel aviv Israel .
Life as retiree can be with lots of busy days .
It's unbelievable how doing nothing keep you busy .
Miss my boys
But know they will get here in the end .
Love Israel love tel aviv my city of birth .

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

New York City once more

Love being back to New York City . the fact that i am not needing to work is amazing !
It's hard to believe , my days at nava's designs seems so far away .
I click tons of pictures , see friends and just enjoy peace and quite in my own place visiting with my son Ariel here.
Love summer .

Location:E 58th St,New York,United States

Friday, July 26, 2013

Paris for a day - photo blog

Albert needed to go to work in Paris for his work , so I "joined " more like i have made him take me ... Smiling . So , train ride from amsterdam for over night stay .
Sometimes , one day is such a sweet time to visit friends . Smell feel Paris and just enjoy the city of lights .
Loved our time . Feeling lucky I have this kaleidoscope of friends all over the world .
" Cities are like fruit to me . Paris is wild berries -pick as much as you like . None are the same shape, taste or sweet level, in facts some are really sour" ! Nava writz

“The English language is like London: proudly barbaric yet deeply civilised, too, common yet royal, vulgar yet processional, sacred yet profane. Each sentence we produce, whether we know it or not, is a mongrel mouthful of Chaucerian, Shakespearean, Miltonic, Johnsonian, Dickensian and American. Military, naval, legal, corporate, criminal, jazz, rap and ghetto discourses are mingled at every turn. The French language, like Paris, has attempted, through its Academy, to retain its purity, to fight the advancing tides of Franglais and international prefabrication. English, by comparison, is a shameless whore.”
― Stephen Fry, The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within