Thursday, January 8, 2009

Did you Ever wonder what happened to the people after a reality TV makeover show ?Click to view the show on Good Morning America

Did you ever wonder what happened to the people after a reality TV makeover show?

When I reflect on my years of designing nurseries at Nava's Designs, I will say that next to my own 2 boys rooms, the one room that stands out is the "Good Morning America" Sanocki Triplets room. A "Dare To Wish" room that I have designed back in 2004 and which has landed me 7 minutes of fame on TV with life time friends. And not to forget the fact that the triplets are 2 boys and a girl and the name of the girl is...yep you have guessed it, Nava. I will say that my ego got a real jump from the notion that a baby girl will be named after me and what a jewel she has become! It is a Real Honor and a sheer Joy.
Nava and her brothers Sawyer and Aiden are the fun nuggets of my life as they are the grandchildren I would like to have and I do feel as if they are my grandchildren. I love them and their Mom Marcie, Dad Mike and grandparents. We make a point to meet in many places. Their home in Michigan, my home in California or Atlanta, Las Vegas, Ohio, Chicago plus we share life via "Skype" almost daily. To the point that Nava knows how to use the lap top to call me and think I live in the screen of the lap top….smiling.

I will be visiting Nava and her family in Michigan next week I cannot wait~
It was such a great visit~~

Me with all of my sanocki's

This Beautiful girl is Nava~2008

All of us in Chicago March 2008~

Nava, last month can you Believe it? she will be 4 in few weeks~

We are together again~2007

love this picture~2006

Nava was Visiting me on a site of Extreme Make Over after all we are ABC gal's 2005

Nava First trip to Las vegas in Sep 2005

Love at first sight~ she is few weeks preemie baby here~

Check out this beautiful letter from Michael to Nava: Nov 2004

Well I am back to work and Marcie is at home resting peacefully, as Leanne
was dropped off this morning at the airport. We recieved another 4 inches
of snow this morning so you were lucky to leave when you did. As I think
of the last week that we spent with you, I can't imagine how are lives
would be without meeting you and gaining you as a friend and a FAMILY
MEMBER. You have touched both Marcie and myself beyond our imagination, we
are better people by knowing you. Because of you and your generosity my
kids are going to spend there first years of life like royalty, the nursery
you created this weekend is like a heaven within our home. Without you I
could not have imagined or accomplished this for my children, you are truly
an angel sent from heaven. Please convey my appreciation to Albert,
Jordan, and Ariel for allowing us to have you in our lives for the last
week, I am sure it is hard for them to understand the importance of what
you did for us, but please let them know we have truly come to love you
like a family member. Talk to you soon.

PS Tell the boys I am putting my resources to work now to nail down a date
for this summer to tour the HUMMER plant, as I find out information I will
let you know.
Talk to you soon,


Barbara Jacksier said...

What a wonderful story. And both Navas are equally adorable!

Nava's Designs Nava Blog said...

Thank you my dear do you have the article you did about the room in "small rooms "?

Jeanne Parkinson said...

Dearest Nava,
It was nice to read your Blog about the Sanocki Triplet’s. They are a very special family and were so deserving of the beautiful baby room makeover from Good Morning America and Nava’s Designs. I can personally say after knowing the family and the babies first hand, the room was amazing. The room was the calm that relaxed them when they took their naps and each night as they went to sleep. The soft fabrics on their delicate newborn skin were exactly what they needed, they all slept like royalty.
You are so special to them and have been a constant in their lives. We are lucky to have them (The triplets and their great parents) in our circle of friendship. I personally feel blessed to have met you and to have spent time with you and the Sanocki family at your LA home. I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Sincerely, Jeanne Parkinson