Saturday, February 23, 2013

South Africa

As I told you I am in south Africa .

thinking of all the things that I see and visit .
Including the sad things , like people who live without power , kids who ask you for money . So sad .

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Location:Highfield St,Cape Town,South Africa

Monday, February 4, 2013

The whisper knight in the other option - silk blue instead of ivory .

As I was saying earlier Navas designs is not available via stores or other web sites only via our office . The last shipping day is march 29th 2013. E mail us.

Location:Rinse Hofstraweg,Schiphol,The Netherlands

Nava's designs stopped sales to baby stores but till April 1st 2013 able to help you.

I am traveling right now , i am in amsterdam on my way to south africa tomorrow , my birthday week . Yet , with technology of 2013 I Just spoken to one of nava's designs mamma, who just visited a
baby store in the east .to try to place an order for nava's designs.
The store owner told her "nava's designs is out of business . "
I will like to try clear the topic . Nava's designs is not "out of business" I walked away from the business in away , so to say .
Back in aug 2012 i underwent a major brain surgery, with thankful a full successful recovery , however I have found out that my life in California , doing what I was doing for 30 years must come to a change . Therefore I informed my stores that I will no longer design and handmade bedding in the USA . To start not to the wholesalers.
In the pass few weeks I came to realized how many people are still looking for my line and want to be sure that they can get my line .
I was moved and happy and able to help so many of them .
I am off to Africa for 4 weeks , yep africa . Smiling . when I will get back I will be able to help as many of you as I can till April 1st .
In the meantime please e mail me .
I will try to answer you . Our phones are still on and you can try calling and leave us a message . Will be back in 4 weeks.
All my very best . Looking forward hearing from you .

My new love photography....

This is just a tiny bit of my stock sets and fabric !

Nava writz