Friday, June 28, 2013

Made it to Amsterdam ~

made it to Amsterdam, Albert my hubby asked me how do i feel about not working, designing being in the market of the baby industry. I must admit, just visited with a friend of mine , she went to design a baby room in new york city and i was thinking to myself better her then me. we have sets left at few baby stores e mail me i will try to help you. you see i am working again..smiling I don't know if i will ever miss it. for now i am ok not working. I will look forward change of heart. in the meantime i will enjoy my retirement ~ enjoy my images our home in amsterdam ~

Friday, June 14, 2013

got an e mail today i loved it~

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: To: Sent: 6/13/2013 8:00:36 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time (Mex Subj: Diaper bags for Australian lady Hi, My name is shicara owen. I'm from Australia. I'm after the old school vintage (80s/90s) diaper bags. My mum had one of these roundish long bags for me when I was a baby n I just went to get it off her and she's only just thrown it out. I'm so gutted. So I've been searching on every site possible on the Internet to find one. Nothing is coming up except your handmade diaper bag. In pastel colours. I LOVE IT, it's exactly what I want. I've looked in your online shop though and it's not up there. ;( So I'm just wondering if you make these still or custom make these? I'm so desperate to get one... I'm really hoping and keeping my fingers crossed you make these still. I've attached a photo so you know what I'm talking about ;) Kind regards Shicara Owen

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My never ending love affair with baby bedding , baby's rooms moms and grandmas~

ok, ok I know I am not to be talking about baby bedding , I must talk about traveling, fun times and pictures clicking.

but.. I have to! smiling

my sweet friend Riki; is going to be a grandma and I wanted to treat her with one of my last sets. it was amazing as the color was such a perfect match to the crib. light silver , pink and ivory. lovely mix.
lovely outcome. I am honored and delighted to have her grandchild in a crib with Nava's Designs baby bedding~
Cece her daughter in law is so happy with the outcome~ thank you for making my day~ now i know i will miss my babies , my bedding , my mom to be and grandmas. then again... i may be back... who knows?.. smiling

visiting the room is highlight for me as a designer. always been always will.
good night.