Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jennifer Freedberg-Berkoff said...

My name is Jennifer Freedberg-Berkoff I opened the Bellini store in Paramus, NJ with my former husband David Freedberg in June of 1989. I was 20 years old when I started in the baby business. One of the first vendors I came in contact with was Nava's Designs. I met Nava as soon as I started in Bellini and fell in love with her linens from the first time I laid eyes on them. Our personalities clicked and we started designing linens together for my store. I remember sitting on the floor with fabric swatches spread all over the place and putting pieces together to form some of the most successful bedding sets ever created. I was truly in awe of how talented Nava was. As my business grew we did more and more sets together. Nava was our exclusive custom linen company. I remember designing the first black and white set back when you never put a baby in black. Somehow Nava tied it all together and the client was thrilled. The set truly came out beautiful. Nava is always on the cutting edge always the first to try new things. I believe she is one of the leaders in this industry. When I had my 3 children Nava made the most beautiful linens for my babies. My daughter Sydney was on the cover of her 1997 catolog and has had several sets named for her. In 2005 Sydney and Nava met to create a full size bedding set for her room which she still has on her bed today. She once again posed for her catolog on the exact bedding she has. The beauty of Nava's linens are that they are not only the finest quality fabrics and design but they are keepsakes. Something you would save as you would a christening gown. I am proud to have learned so much from Nava and have had the priviiladge of working with her for over 20 years. I would recommend her linens to any new mother.

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