Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dalia Hidayat talking about Nava's Designs..thank you Dear!

Happy Thanksgiving!
"I was expecting my first baby and wanted the perfect nursery. I had bought top of the line furniture and was really struggling with the linens - nothing seemed to be nice enough except for a few sets at Bellini that did not match but were absolutely stunning (which were Nava Designs).
I decided to google search Nava and stumbled across her website and decided to actually pick up the phone and call her company for direction. What a surprise that Nava herself picked up the phone and we chatted for over one hour!!!! I could not believe how lucky I was to talk to the designer herself.
I told her the furniture set I had purchased and she knew exactly which one it was and told me she had the perfect set for it that she had just came out with and not even the stores had seen it.
She sent me a swatch and it was the most perfect match. I ordered it without a flinch and bought a casual set for every day use which is still sitting in its plastic bag as it has not been used once. I cannot even imagine any other linens other than the one from Nava - and my son is now 18 months and has not soiled it once - even a baby knows the black tie linens and doesnt dare to make a mess on it.
I could not be more happy and in love with the nursery and am so happy to meet such a sweet and creative person as Nava."

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