Thursday, April 8, 2010

Joan From Bellni Aventura Sold this set "Pink Lemonade" so cute~ yet not the "black tie" look of us

Just to show us, it takes so many different styles and flavors, as not all Nava's end users are into the look of a "black tie" room or as I call It "The extension of the Wedding Decor". In this set "Pink Lemonade" I tried to give the ladies who need a more "jeans look " a set they will like ~flowery and bold colors and I bet you It will be ever so cute in the room!
Every Nava's Designs set can make a statement. Some make a soft whisper, others are bold and funky~
Nava's Designs sets can be made for every decor. Just ask for it. I will love to design it for your baby~

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