Saturday, March 20, 2010

My TLC Make Room for Multiples Family Kelly And Mike Duffy welcome their Triplets~

Well its done! The Triplets Arrived ,Nava's Designs rooms are fully dressed, The show will air next month !
So we are looking forward seeing Nava's Designs inc on TLC TV Show "Make Room The Rooms For Multiples'! The Duffy's Which Will Air In April~

looking Forward getting the images of the window treatments, so we can show off the rooms~

Ava Room , with nava's Designs Best Seller "Whisper" set, lite4u chandelier , Mattress by NaturaWorld , Art For Kids cribs & Furniture and little Castle Glider~ Thanks all of you with the your kind help ! We are going to Shine Togther on the Show I promise~

Thomas Sets for the boys~ We Will Get The Image of the 2 crib later~

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