Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TLC New show "Make Room for Multiples" with Kelly & Mike Duffy of Manalapan NJ~

Looking forward to the new TLC TV show about multiple births which Nava's Designs will be part of ~ This show will be about Kelly & Mike Duffy expecting triplets; two boys and a girl, how perfect!

Triplets are not new to my life. In fact, in 2005 I was lucky enough to design a Nava's Designs room for Good Morning America that was for a family in Michigan that had triplets. The Sanocki family landed me "my claim to fame" baby Nava, who is now almost 5 years old. What a joy she and her brothers are to my life~

Back to our story, it all started with my friend Melinda, the owner of Bellini Manalpapan NJ. She had called me regarding the difference between the image on the web of Thomas, and the actual set in the store. While on the phone, Melinda said "the birth of the triplets will be on the new show of TLC about Multiple Births." At the time, I didn't think much of it, yet I had taken a mental note.
Later that afternoon, a sweet voice on the phone was calling my office. It was Kelly asking about the difference between the Thomas Set's image and the actual set in the store. I knew it was her, so I asked "are you the TLC mom?" She was so happy to find out that I had recalled her issue, and we instantly "clicked". While we talked, we started to make a plan to "cover" the designing of the room on the show with TLC. She then called the producer of the show whom immediately called me about having me on the show! Noooowwwww we are going to meet on Saturday the 17Th of October~ how exciting!!

on my first visit in October 17th 2009~

And a Month Later, Nov 2009 I Just re Visited The Duffy's again and had a great evening with Kelly and her Mom as Mike was out of Town. we filmed few clips , we looked at the rooms after the paint was done which was Awesome !
We got cleared on the cribs choice for the 2 rooms.
we are doing Thomas for the boys room and whisper for the girl room~

Kelly is now in our Nava's Designs bubble you know I love the Bubble~ And Babies Make Five~

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