Friday, June 12, 2009

Sanocki Triplets~ Nava Sawyer Aiden Are Coming To Visit Me~Ok Mom & Dad too ~hey they are too young to fly alone~

the whole family with me in Jan 2009 while i was visiting them~

Me and Nava

My first picture with my Diva Nava~

Back in 2004 I have Designed a room for Good Morning America for triplets in Michigan. It was a big success as the family was great and they all became part of my family. The coming week the family is visiting me for the 2nd time and we have met in few places all over the USA before. Nava's Designs was more than just a designer for a baby room makeover for Good Morning America. It was a real treat topped with the fact that the Sanocki's have named the baby girl Nava ~I was totally honored~ I am so looking forward seeing the whole Sanocki family~ in just few days~

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kiddiescorner said...

Oh Nava they are to sweet!