Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Amsterdam the city I will be visiting alot in my new life~

back in 1980 i was saying to a local friend that one day i will live in a canal house. i don't really know why i said so. i know i was inspired by the looks of the cozy multi story canals houses.
today is the time i live in one. Albert and my self moved into this house in 2003 and its 10 years that we come and go from here to other parts of the world. our life. always on the go.
since I retired from my work as the CEO of Nava's Designs I been traveling all over. so i feel  this is my time to share with you images of our city. Amsterdam.
its our house back yard...

no, i don't miss the baby industry.....love you..

our living room

the canal in front of our house