Tuesday, March 19, 2013

love love to get notes from my ladies.

"Thank you. Please send me any other sets you have discounted, a few of my friends are also interested. I also wanted to tell you that I think you are amazingly talented, your creations are beyond beautiful. I wish you all the best as you enter your retirement; you sure have earned time to relax. But it is such a loss to the baby industry that your sets will no longer be produced ;("....thank you


Anonymous said...

Hi Nava- Best of luck, health and happiness in your retirement. I appreciate your talent and wonderful beautiful bedding. I have 2 Nava babies at home and 1 on the way (due in 2 weeks). I am so glad I was able to get your bedding for my last and final child. He will be enjoying his "thomas" room very soon.
Best Regards!

Nava's Designs Nava Blog said...

Thank you so much I just now seen your post to me .