Wednesday, October 26, 2011

nava of nava's designs visiting florida~

in the 25 years nava's designs, been in business i will say that visiting my customers stores are one of my favorite thing to do.
as part of the visit is, re connecting, part of seeing what they are selling, or better yet what do they need from me. they always need something. so guys thanks for the visit.looking forward seeing our new set "she is the one"! our new set, dreamy in ice pink and white. which i can not wait to see it on your floor~

look who came to visit me! sweet Mathew~the son of Michael who is the brother of Alan the owner of the coral gable store~

love seeing my friend Marlon~

love love the window with nava's designs, sandcastle set~

great store on great street.

love to see nava's designs sets on the floor of a great looking store as Bellini Coral Gables.

dom p ( down in the bin) and up full size pink champagne such a old time winners~

such a class act set nava's designs "chocolate nuggets"

lets have lots of our visits.
hugs and kisses
nava writz

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