Thursday, October 28, 2010

Amsterdam Mom's Showing off Nava's Designs~

Mom , Baby girl and friend visiting~

the show off the welcome baby cards on the fire place~

In Holland the clean, modern lines were and are the winner styles. however , Nava's Designs was offered for the first time, Just few weeks back , and its seems as they are rocking now with the promise to get the "Black Tie" message look into the Dutch homes. As we are starting to dress cribs in Holland with Nava's Designs Nurseries.
I was lucky to visit one Amsterdam family, to welcome a newborn baby girl which was born on 10.10.10 talk about lucky baby! Ivory Fancy of Nava's Designs room on Bratt Decor Crib and furniture's.
Loved the visit and I Enjoyed seeing my first official Nava's Designs room with "Fancy Ivory" set~
Its a great feeling to know that I can dress every Crib in all part of the world, as I always say "every city have a Nava's Designs baby's room waiting to show off"

Ivory fancy Nava's Designs set~

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