Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Obama Girls bedding fabric "French Poem" in my new "Found Treasure" in our vintage Diaper Bags Stock~

Back in the 80's the diaper bags were about function versus fashion. The diaper bag as we know it today differs from Nava's Designs Diaper Bags as Nava's Diaper bags are all handmade, washable and include generous pockets, burping cloth , changing mat and great handles for over the stroller handles or shoulders. When I used them back in the 90's I never left home without them, each and every friend I ever gave the diaper bag to as a gift loved it and even went as far as the bags as a symbol of made in the USA craftsmanship. Some Other "Oldies" like "Bellini Baby" and "Tiffany" "Wild West" ,"St Tropez" were found too. Pictures to Follow~

Fast forward 10 years and I find myself with a rare treasure, a Diaper Bag from the fabric "French Poem" ,the very same fabric Barak and Michelle Obama Girls bedding were made of which I have designed back in the late 90's . I am ever so honored for it~

Now tell me your thoughts, do you think I should be selfish and keep it as a true treasure for my future generation grand children? Or should I do the honorable and patriotic act to extend it to Michelle as a keepsake to her children and future Obama generations.?


Margit said...

This is a vey difficult situation, Nava! On the one hand I can understand how much this beautiful treasure means to you, on the other hand, one has to envisage how much REAL joy it would give to Barack and Michelle! It would truly be a very special gift to them, as it establishes such a beautiful link with their own personal past as a family. And just think, wouldn't you also feel proud to know that you can give them this joy? That you can make this difference? Much as it would feel a wrench to part with the beautiful bag, I think in your heart of hearts you know which is the right direction to take! Much love, Margit

Leigh*Leigh said...

I LOVE IT! I cannot wait to be a momma so I can stock up on all of your beautiful stuff! Love and miss you, Nava! XoXo ~Leigh

Nava's Designs Nava Blog said...

Wow I love your Comments girls thanks so much my dear~

bedding for babies said...

your bedding pieces are lovely. I thin you should give it to the Obama's as a keepsake, im sure they would really appreciate it.