Friday, November 27, 2009

Nava's Designs New Set (yet to be Named any idea?

This is a set I have designed from a pillow of my set "Krystal" and the end user
(her name is Vanessa) was not really "sold" on my ability to transform my pillow into her vision, and the order was not placed just notes were taken and few month later she went to the store to order it. I am happy she ended up trusting Nava's Designs to give her the black tie look she was looking for, here is the set ~ yet to be named~ e mail me any ideas for names~


vanessa said...

Hi Nava, it's Vanessa, I absolutely love it. It's gorgeous, I honestly did have full confidence in your abilities to bring our vision to life. I think it should be named after my daughter who was the true inspiration behind it all; Angeli. "Angeli's Garden"

Nava's Designs Nava Blog said...

Hey Dear thanks i love the name Angeli and it will be the name of the set~
its on its way to you my dear
hugs and kisses

Rose said...

Mystical Garden
Garden Eve